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The Art of Living

Making it Happen

We just returned from our vacation at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. It was wonderful. A day prior to flying there, the Denver Post American Homecomings published a SKYPE interview they did with me 2 weeks beforehand. It was my first SKYPE interview. I was so pleased to do this; even though watching it I can see where I need to improve. But hey, I did it! I got the word out! Also I made good use of my time in VA and did an interview with the local Smith Mountain Eagle newspaper about my book Joining Forces with Glory. It should be featured in next weeks edition. So, I'm marching forward and moving on! Please comment if you are so inclined and please check out the American Homecomings interview. Thanks!
http://www.americanhomecomings.com/culture/2012/08/09/joining-forces-with-glory/  Read More 
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