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February 2018 - It's been a few years since I've updated my website. My writing took a backseat to some wonderful family events including a wedding in 2014, a new granddaughter in 2015, twin grandsons in 2017, a trip to Italy to celebrate my husband's and my forty year anniversary in 2017, my husband's retirement in 2017, the completion of a new house, and a move from Chicago, IL to Smith Mountain Lake, VA in 2017. Lots of other things happened in three years, but what I mentioned were the highlights. My hope and plan is to write again! Wish me luck!

Sad news. It's been a tough year. Musician Phil Guy passed away August 20th due to prostate cancer which had spread. He was diagnosed in January. I was his music manager for 3 1/​2 years but a friend of his family and him since 2001. We were working on revising a manuscript I wrote specifically about Buddy Guy, to include information about Phil, too.
I will continue to move forward with that project.

Hello 2007!

Joining Forces with Glory

Joining Forces with Glory
Joining Forces with Glory concerns a protagonist whose name, Glory, is taken from the hymn, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." Glory is a spunky eight year old who enters a new school in the middle of the school year, something she is accustomed to doing with her family's frequent moves, because she is an "Army Brat." Her third grade teacher, Mrs. Wonderbee, is quite proud to have the daughter of an army officer in her class, and she makes sure the students kno that Glory's dad helps keep the nation safe and free. Glory has the opportunity to explain her unusual lifestyle to her curious classmates; however, one student, Hank, is not impressed. From the very beginning he is mean to Glory and bullies her. Glory solves the mystery about Hank while working on a class assignment, which eventually leads to the heartwarming end.

Reviews about Joining Forces with Glory
Reviews about Joining Forces with Glory

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