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The Art of Living

The Art of Adventure

Here goes! My very first Blog post. Even though I took a series of 3 Blog courses from the Chicago Tribune in March and came away with a tablet of notes, and course material they gave us, here it is August 2nd, and I still haven't started a Blog. Why? Well, reasons that come to mind are fear of just starting, fear of the unknown, etc., etc. There are lots of other excuses I can come up with. But I know I need to have a Blog for business and promotional reasons for my books and myself as an author.

On my desk is this booklet card my Aunt Janice and Uncle Ted gave me when I graduated from Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia in 1973. You could say I'm a saver, yes?!!! It is titled "For the Graduate - The Art of Living." So as my husband, Jerry, and I are going to his 40th year high school reunion in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin this weekend, I thought that this would be a way to combine my writing, or just start my writing reflecting on all this in a Blog. (Although he grew up in Wisconsin, he moved to Fairfax, VA his senior year and graduated from FHS - so he claims two schools).

Back to that card/booklet; under The Art of Adventure, I leave you with this as I begin my blog: "So unafraid of new ideas, new theories and new philosophies. Have the curiosity to experiment . . . to test and try new ways of living and thinking." Well here I go!  Read More 
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